Payment Center

If you have already spoken with a representative and are looking to make a payment, simply click the "PAY NOW" button below.


If you've received a letter from us and would like to speak to a representative, you can call us now at:

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What To Expect:

  1. In most cases we may be able to dramatically lower your balance in order to help you fulfill your payment obligations to your creditor. Call us to speak with a debt resolution specialist about our balance payoff options.

  2. We offer repayment programs that can be personalized to help you resolve your debt issues quickly and easily. Our debt resolution specialists are standing by to help - Call us now for help clearing up your debt.

  3. At GTM, we aim to educate the public and help people to understand the truth about the debt collection industry. Through eductation, it is our hope that people will gain an understanding of the importance of consumers paying back what they borrow.

    Click here for an informative study completed by ACA International, that explains the valuable impact of debt collection agencies on the economy.